Floor Scrubbing Machine Model-HY2A

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Floor Scrubbing Machine Model-HY2A Scrubbing Machine

Product details of Floor Scrubbing Machine Model-HY2A

CHAOBAO Scrubber Machine 17″ Inch (HY2A)

Floor Scrubbing Machine

  • Floor Scrubbing Machine The machine features convenient operation, safe use and excellent cleaning effect
  • Floor Scrubbing Machine it is especially suitable for cleaning the carpet, floor, low-speed polishing for various types of floor and refitting of stone surface for hotels, restaurants, office buildings and exhibition halls
  • Floor Scrubbing Machine The product boasts high cleaning efficiency and can greatly save the time of cleaning, being a necessary and important equipment for modern mechanical cleaning work
  • Floor Scrubbing Machine Accessories: main body, handle, water tank, 17” soft brush, 17” hard brush,  17” pad holder

Technical specification:

  • Floor Scrubbing Machine
  • Power:1500W Voltage220V-240V
  • Speed :175 rpm.
  • Main Cable length:12m
  • brush plate diameter:17″
  • net weight:43kg
  • Accessories: soft brush, hard brush, pad holder, water tank
  • Brand :Chaobao
  • Made In China

Warranty: One year service warranty

Floor Scrubbing Machine price in Dhaka, Bangladesh 

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