HT-900 Haotian 3-Speed blower

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Haotian 3-Speed blower Blower Machine 

Product Details of HT-900 Haotian 3-Speed blower

HT-900 Haotian 3-Speed blower Square root appearance design and lighter and beautiful

Tick the original motor, the fuselage plastic polyethylene, protect the machine in yuan, safe and reliable, strong and durable.

Square root, three-speed switch, can adjust the wind speed according to the needs of work.

Square root using the wind turbine, in the work can produce strong airflow, effectively improve the efficiency of work

Square root install electrical net to prevent intake of debris into the motor, more safe and reliable

root mute type motor, the strong wind Suitable for hotels, hotels,
shopping malls, government buildings, and need to be ventilated place.

Technical Specification

  • (plastic fan)(900w)(220V)
  • Power: 900W
  • Voltage: 220V 110V
  • Rotation speed: high medium low
  • Air flow rate: 160,130,110 m3/min
  • Length of the cable: 7m
  • Net weight: 16.6kg
  • Brand; HaoTian
  • Made In China

Warranty: One year service warranty

HT-900 Haotian 3-Speed blower Blower Machine price in Bangladesh

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